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Layers of an Onion… life’s skin….a quest to know Him!


In 2003, my husband died (that’s just a beginning fact),

 and I got to know a couple afterwards. 

The wife who’s name is not of importance to this story,

 was the beginning of the layer of my change! 


“I want to be like her Father!”, I said in all seriousness.

  And so it began, my change from the innocent woman that I was,

and that idea was the beginning.  I had no idea where

 that idea would take me! 


Change……a word I don’t like!  (I don’t like to change!

  It’s the unknown that frightens me, and has me scurrying

back to the known.)  The first change began with a class

 and then a retreat.  One that began the change into delving

outward as one would if you were cutting an onion,

 and began in the middle with the smallest piece.

  I felt as though I were an unimportant entity

in the world.  No real meaning to anyone. 

That was the beginning.  At the retreat,

I clearly heard God say to me, “My child you are important

to Me and you are enough!”

  Words that meant the world to me!  To “fit it”

in the world is important, but to know deep in your soul

that God thinks you are “enough”

is truly a life changing experience in itself!


As I get to know Him, really get to know Him,

He reveals slowly deeper changes that have

to be made to arrive in a better place, in a better

frame of mind to understand.  It isn’t and

 never will be only “one change” to understand

 the real God!  But an on-going relationship with Jesus/God,

 one that begins as a small piece of an onion,

and blooms through the different layers of the onion! 

 A more and more in-depth understanding

of the next level.  And yet I would never

go back to the “me”

wanting to accept the life that

 the world hands out! 


Are you ready for a life made to love God?

  All you have to do is ask Him…….

then hold on and enjoy the ride!





These colors won't run!

We won't forget!